NBA Title Odds & Betting Tiers

The NBA title may be far away, but the play offs are starting and by April 13th the tips will be out allowing followers will have to start working on their betting strategy. No one will change to support a different team but that does not mean that betting on a different team is possible. This year, it's going to be a very tough contest with some of the finest teams bring spruced up and training has already started with great results showing in the Eastern and Western conference tables. There are some very prominent names to look out for and maybe even some moving of players from team to team, so watch out.

The Top Five Favorites

The number one choice is the Golden State Warriors, they have already won 27 games this season in their conference and continue to thrive with top players and an understated yet professional coach who knows how to work his team. The number two ranking for the NBA title at the moment has to be the Toronto Raptors, they may only hold the second standing in their conference, but they have gone from strength to strength in the past few months and definitely not reached their peak yet. The Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks are equal in their current results, but it seems the Boston Celtics have overall better odds although the Bucks are showing much more promise with their current results, standing at number one in the Eastern Conference. And lastly in the top five potential wins is the Houston Rockets who do nothing but train and train, their current results do not put them in the leading position but that does not mean anything as there is plenty of time to improve.

Wild Card Potential Winners

Apart from the top five teams that everyone has their eye on there are many other contenders who may work their way up and be the wild card of the championships. Oklahoma City Thunder has Paul George on defense and Russel Westbrook on offense, they both have an excellent record. Philadelphia 76ers has an interesting wild card by the name of Jimmy Butler and if he is kept under control, the team will really do well. The Los Angeles Lakers are blessed with Lebron leading their way and on a good day anything can happen with him at the helm. Denver Nuggets strength lies in their home games and maybe they can pull through depending on the final schedule. And when talking about schedules, Utah Jazz seem to have one of the best schedules of the year and matched with their excellent coach, they may just surprise their opponents.

The True Longshots May Yet Surprise

Without the longshot teams that totally surprise themselves and their fans the NBA wouldn't be as exciting as it is. The longshots are thought about but often not given the credit they deserve and some of them should really be watched closely especially teams like the Los Angeles Clippers who are on a really good run and don't seem to be losing many points. Other long shot teams to watch include the New Orleans Pelicans, the Portland Trail Blazers, Charlotte Hornets, Minnesota Timber Wolves, Dallas Mavericks and Memphis Grizzlies. Other teams to look out for but so far have not performed that well include the Detroit Pistons, Miami Heat, Washington Wizards, Orlando Magic, Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Kings, New York Knicks, Chicago Bulls Cleveland Cavaliers, Brooklyn Nets and Atlanta Hawks. Some of these teams rest on their laurels of past successes and do not seem to put in the effort but with time on their side anything can happen. The season ahead will be thrilling, exciting and may even surprise.