ESI Sports

Today's competitive sport betting market demands innovative and reliable software for both online and land-based operations. ESI Interactive Sports offers custom development and two professional grade sportsbook systems to meet the needs of mid-size and large scale casinos and sportsbooks.

SportPlayz Sportsbook System

SportPlayz is designed to combine entertainment, social, Internet, and land-based sports gaming into a single system. Beginning players find the interface easy to learn, while experienced bettors utilize its advanced features to place large varieties of bets quickly and easily. International support for language, currency, and time zones sets the stage for players worldwide.

SportPlayz virtually runs itself, thanks to XML feeds from Don Best and other line services. Sport schedules import automatically as well as latest lines and live scores. Grading occurs automatically as event results are received keeping administrative efforts and errors to a minimum.

While SportPlayz automation reduces administrative tasks, the back end system is designed for high volume activity. Scalable grade servers accommodate sportsbook operations of all sizes. Years of development and support of our flagship product - ASI - provided the experience needed to build a system capable of handling a phenomenal number of bets while remaining responsive to both players and sportsbook staff. SportPlayz incorporates ASI's proven legendary performance.

Offering a single platform that supports entertainment, social, and professional sport gaming with leading edge player interfaces and seriously fast performance, enables casino operators to concentrate on business and achieve advantage in today's competitive sport betting industry.

ASI - Action Sports International

ASI is used by many of the worlds largest and most prestigious sportsbooks. With over a decade in production, this system offers unmatched stability and features.

Listening to our customer's needs made ASI what it is today. This system was not designed by backroom coders, but includes features requested by the worlds most successful sportsbook operators. This is the key to ASI's success; industrial grade system, where reliability is needed the most.

ASI's customizable player interface along with the its renowned flexibility enables our clients to find their niche in the sportsbook business, whether it be post-up, credit, or per-head business models. Integration with other online or land-based systems is a key component of our flexible product. Our clients are many of the world's most successful casino and sportsbook operators - a testament to their business skills and careful choice of sportsbook systems.

ASI provides extraordinary back end support for integration of other casino games. Our BetSerice component enables other gaming systems to integrate with ASI's core accounting processes. More than simply a common wallet, players find seamless access to their account across all connected casino game and sportsbook platforms.

For land-based and online casinos alike, ASI delivers the flexibility, performance, and reliability necessary to compete in today's sport book industry.

So what makes our systems so fast and reliable? SportPlayz and ASI are designed around the client/server architecture. Distributing workload between database servers, internet servers, and backup servers ensures your system stays responsive - even under the heaviest loads. Our scalable designs deliver top performance and usability.