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Let us introduce to you Slots Galore Flash Casino; the newly updated slots casino that's designed for play anywhere in the world, on any machine and at any time. Slots Galore Casino has had a radical revamping over the past few weeks to bring its current and prospective players new ways to play that are less taxing on computer hard drives.

Slots Galore Casino has been running since 1997, and over a decade on it has grown considerably to encompass a great range of slots games such as American Icon: a game based on the hit TV sensation American Idol and the bright and brash, five reel, twenty five payline Funky Chicken Slots. Also included in this casino portal are poker games (e.g. Deuces Wild), table games (blackjack, craps and more) and specialty games like Keno.

All players need to do to use Slots Galore Flash Casino is install either Java or Macromedia Flash software onto their computer (this usually takes less than three minutes) and all the games from the original Slots Galore can be played, without needing to download the full version. This means less memory is used so you can keep other processes running while you play a game of slots, and the actual game will run faster, too. Most of the Slots Galore Casino games retain their full features so game play is identical, although runs smoother.

Slots Galore Flash Casino is a recommended site by Golden Slots; an online casino portal highlighting the best casinos online as well as providing play information, game previews and technical support. All of Golden Slots' games and casinos (including Slots Galore Flash Casino) use Vegas Technology which requires low-memory and a simple installation of flash (Macromedia or Java). This kind of technology ensures players have great quality audio and graphics, but without having to compromise the speed of game play, or how well their machine works in general. The huge advantage with Macromedia and Java technology is that almost everyone, at some point, will need to install it on their computer. That means you can visit Slots Galore Flash Casino from any computer, whether it be your best friend's your uncle's or the local library's.

All the aspects and features of the original Slots Galore Casino are retailed with the new Flash site. You can consult with the cashier, ask for technical support day or night and still enjoy high payouts. There is still a wide range of play money games available too, which may be useful for beginner players who need time to get used to the controls and rules. Safety and anonymity online is also maintained by Vegas Technology and Slots Galore Flash Casino together, to encrypt any information you give.

Players can download all that's needed for Slots Galore Flash Casino at the site, rather than having to search for Macromedia or Java technology. Slots Galore Casino has entered a new era in online gaming and betting, offering the safest, highest paying and most vibrant mix of slots, poker, table and specialty games in high Flash technology standard.