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The BetAnySports Sportsbook is everything. This is a sportsbook that gives members a chance to bet on any possible sport at any time of the day or night. The sportsbook can be accessed online and also through mobile devices. There are no limitations to how long you can be a member or how many times you can place a bet. But it is possible to only place bets of up to $5000 per event. Joining the BetAnySports Sportsbook is very easy. Players register, they must be over 21 years of age and have to undergo an age verification process. Once this has been completed, the new member is ready to start betting on anything and everything that he can find and while he takes a break from the sports betting, he can also enjoy the race book, casino, poker rooms and lotto options that are offered on the same platform.

Types of Sports Betting

The BetAnySports Sportsbook gives members an opportunity to bet on literally any sport, before and during the event. Whether interested in football, basketball, hockey, golf, motorsports, soccer, tennis, boxing, horse racing, Olympics, cricket, darts, rugby or wrestling, the player will find a betting option online or through his mobile device at the BetAnySports Sportsbook casino. Each event offers the odds for that event and the type of bet that the player can place. The types of bets include parlays, straight bets, teasers, rolling bets, round robin bets and reverses among the different options which each type of bet being offered with rules and conditions and deadlines. The BetAnySports Sportsbook also gives players the opportunity to place live betting during an event or tournament. The live betting can be carried out during a commercial break or even right up until the last half of a game. There are different types of live betting depending on the game and some include special promotions if betting on games in the USA.

eSports Betting and Special Betting Including World Wide Sporting Events

eSports betting is just beginning to become popular but at the BetAnySports Sportsbook it is already well established. The eSports betting uses the same rules as the regular sports betting with one addition, the player can always see the game as it is virtual and happens on his screen. Special betting is offered for different worldwide competitions and events and these are advertised in enough time for the player to be able to gather any information he needs about the event and any still be able to place bets on the event.

Promotions and Special Coupons

New players to the Sportsbook are welcomed with an offer that will give him a 20% match on his first deposit. This is a huge bonus when making a bet and can really enhance the bet of the player and also his winnings if he is lucky enough to win. The sportsbook offers a number of special promotions and bonus offers that include cashback deals, further match up bonuses and free bets on some events. Members can sign up to receive a regular email with details of all of the current promotions and special offers in order to keep abreast of what is on offer.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The BetAnySports Sportsbook accepts bets in USD and also Bitcoin. In order to use Bitcoin, the player must first open a Bitcoin wallet and fund it. Once the player has a wallet with Bitcoin he can readily and easily send Bitcoins to the casino instantly whether playing online or at the mobile casino. Players that prefer to place their bets in USD can do so my choosing one of the secure deposit options that are offered. These include Mastercard, Visa, Person2Person, Neteller and Skrill. Every transaction at the sportsbook is fully encrypted and totally secure allowing the player direct and instant access to his funds. Withdrawals can be made in the same way once the player has received approval from the casino and has been playing for at least 7 days at the casino and completed 3 playthroughs.

Sportsbook Forum and Customer Service

The Sportsbook forum is the place that members can discuss their betting options and the trends of the different sports in addition to the odds that are given on each event. The forum is open to all members and also non members who are able to see what goes on at the sportsbook and may be encouraged to join as a result. If a member has a question or comment or does not understand one of the rules of a game or event, he can always contact the support team who are available around the clock. The support team can be contacted by calling a toll-free US number provided or by sending an email. There is also a direct support option that is activated by completing on an online form. When playing on mobile and online devices, the sportsbook is open to all players over the age of 21 and gives each and every one the opportunity to place bets on any sports literally.